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Neighborhood Tech

Microwave | Washer | Dryer Repairs

Neighborhood Tech offers fast and reliable Microwave, Washer, and Dryer repair services.

Our trained technicians specialize in appliance repair and maintenance, giving you the peace of mind that your appliance needs are met with excellence and professionalism.

Our team is fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide the best quality service and repair solutions. We guarantee to fix your appliance quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive price.

Our services include diagnostics, cleaning, and parts replacement to ensure your appliance is running properly and up to its full potential.

We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and look forward to helping you with all of your repair needs.


Hang TV Now – Microwave, Washer, & Dryer Repair in Dallas, TX.

Looking for a quick fix for your electric appliances? Welcome to Hang TV Now. We are a team of experienced technicians here to fix a number of electric appliances, including microwaves, washers, and dryers. At Hang TV Now, we understand that these appliances are a necessity, and if even one of them is not functional, it can dent your day-to-day life. Therefore, our team of technicians is available round the clock to help you with a professional fix so that you can get on with your day easily. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Reliable, Affordable, & Trained Technicians.

When it comes to electric appliances, you want a technician that knows its craft. Therefore, at Hang TV Now, we go by three principles, reliability, affordability, and competence, to ensure you get the best value out of the service you seek. So, if you are looking for a repair service that doesn’t dent your wallet yet provides the best fix, contact Hang TV Now today. Get microwave, washer, and dryer repairs in Dallas, TX, today! For questions and queries, you are more than welcome to reach out to us. We are here to guide you through and through so you are satisfied with the service.


Need Furniture Assembled? Contact Hang TV Now.

Are you tired of trying to put together your furniture only to end up with a frustrating mess of pieces? We understand the struggle. If you are looking for a furniture assembly service Dallas, TX, Look no further than Hang TV Now for all your furniture assembly needs. Our experienced technicians will expertly assemble your furniture with efficiency and care. With Hang TV Now, you can sit back and relax, knowing your furniture will be assembled perfectly. So, get in touch today and let us know your needs!

Repair and Restore Your Favorite Furniture Pieces.

Has your favorite piece of furniture seen better days? Don’t toss it out just yet. Hang TV Now can help you restore it to its former glory. Our expert technicians can repair and restore your furniture, whether it be a family heirloom or a piece you just can’t bear to part with. From fixing scratches and dents to refinishing and reupholstering, we’ll give your furniture a new lease on life. Also, if you are searching for “furniture assembly near me,” contact us right away. Our team of experts will assemble your furniture in no time, saving you both time and headaches.

Let Hang TV Now Handle Your Furniture Assembly and Moving Needs.

Moving can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to heavy and bulky furniture. Let Hang TV Now handle the heavy lifting for you. Our team of professionals will ensure your furniture is moved safely and efficiently, so you can focus on getting settled in your new home. We also offer furniture assembly services, so you don’t have to worry about putting everything back together once you’ve moved in. Contact us today to learn more about our furniture assembly rates and moving services.