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Neighborhood Tech

Frequently Asked

It depends on what you need done. A complete TV mounting job will include a high quality mount wire concealment and or the addition of an electrical outlet behind the TV it self. Hook-up of 2 accessory devices such as DVD players etc.

For a simple mounting service take the tech on average of about 20-40 min. There many factors that contribute to the time that we spend on every TV such as a brick wall, concealment of wires & more. You can expect a more complex job to take from 1-2 hours

Absolutely yes in most cases. There are many things to consider. Type of wall surface, electrical outlets, type of wall mounts. please contact us to discuss your options and price.

If you order wire a concealment service from us we will conceal the cables inside the wall if possible or outside the wall with cord concealment.

Its different for everyone but we recommend eye level when standing up. Then the TV can be tilted down to the sofa viewing area. But its a matter of opinion and we will place the TV where the customer prefers the TV.